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June 10 2017

Full Moon In Sagittarius

Jupiter Goes Direct

Neptune goes Retrograde

Blissings and Blessing from Bali!!!

I spent the day at the beach. I hardly ever go to the coast. I spend most of my time being busy with readings and teaching classes here in Ubud. Though my skin is burnt, I had a great time. Alas, the Full Moon report is later than usual. I hope you all had an amazing Full Moon experience.

Mine was spent at a very nice spa on the coast of southern Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. I was in a full jet steam massage experience that led up to the vey moment of the full moon! Wow was it beautiful.

Though this full moon was further away from earth than usual, it was still very bright and very powerful. With the two Solstice points being activated at this time by the planets, I feel these past few days have definitely been amped up.

I hope you had an adventurous and expansive full moon!… Now for the report!

June 9th
Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon was very close to galactic center, which is the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy. This is where the sun sets at the June solstice each year during our lifetime. A special point to be illumined by the light of the full moon! Don’t you think?

With the sun in the opposite end of the sky, it’s activating and shining light on galactic edge. Another important point!

This Full Moon was in Sagittarius activating our quest for meaning and purpose. Sagittarius is the truth seeker, trail blazer archetype. Sagittarius is the philosopher, question asker, wonderer of truth. Sag is the wanderer, traveler, and adventurer, explorer finding courage and bravery and enough curiosity to go out on a limb!

Sag is to boldly go where no man has gone before.

What is your truth? It’s time to take action and embody your own meaning. The quest for truth is a worthwhile yet never-ending pursuit. The truth is always changing! Enjoy the journey and don’t get too attach to any one truth. The truth is ultimate for the moment… And then moves on… What do you think?

Saturn will be quite close to the full moon. Saturn makes sure things are substantial and in order. Saturn tends to bring pressure to those that avoid rules and support to those that follow. I think Saturn is making sure the Sagittarius exploration is not too fixed and dogmatic. Experiential is the key for finding new truth. Not just following an old paradigm pressed upon you. With Saturn being at galactic center we are really getting the last bit of any patriarchal oppression. It seems there will be no way to get away with it after this. We will all know better. What will it take to make the world realize there is a more loving way?… a Donald?!!

At galactic center the truth will set us all free. Happy full moon!

Jupiter goes Direct
After going backwards the past couple of months, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion begins to move forward. Today it station direct, which means it stops from moving in reverse and will now begin it’s journey forward through the final stages of Libra where it leaves the sign and enters Scorpio in October.

If you had any inner planets, angles or nodes in Libra when you were born, then in no doubt where you feeling an activation and expansion of your relationships in some way. Libra is the sign of conscious equal partnership. Jupiter expands anything it touches.

It’s time to move ahead with what works best for everyone. What’s fair? What’s equal relating? Let’s love each other and communicate as clearly as we can.

Jupiter has been dancing around the star Spica. It will now re-approach Spica for the third and final passing for the next 11 ½ years.

June 15th
Saturn Sun Opposition
Saturn the planet of rules and boundaries is opposite the sun. This happens once per year when the sun passes by this place in the sky. The sun now illuminates and shines warm light on what our collective boundaries and limits are. With the sun at galactic edge and Saturn at galactic center, this is a very important topic. It has to do with the overall turning of the ages.

June 16th
Neptune goes retrograde
Neptune, the planet of dreamy and fuzzy celestial energy goes into a standstill. It stations retrograde, which means it will stay in one spot for a short time and then go backwards for a long time all through the summer months of the northern hemisphere all the way into early fall.This might bring clarity to any confusing issues for some and will bring even more confusion for others. In either case, Neptune is antidote for too much clarity or too much fogginess. Enjoy the floaty feelings and see and tune in your higher guidance. Gain the perspective though it’s best to wait for the fog to clear to take action. Enjoy the floaty feelings.


June 17th
Last Quarter Moon

The moon will reach half moon on it’s way towards the sun and the next new moon. Magically, the new moon will be very close to the solstice and Venus.



Next report will be just before the Solstice! I will be more on time the next newsletter. I will also announce my United States Festival Tour schedule. See you then!

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