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May 25th, 2017


New Moon in Gemini

Super Moon

Final Labor of Mars

Mars opposite Saturn

Hello from Ubud Bali! I’m here loving life. Though I had a miscommunication and am not at the Shamanic Breathwork monthlong course I was planning to be at during this time, I will be heading to the states in August! I’m coming back to Oregon for the Eclipse festival, where I will be teaching a couple of workshops, as well as up in Canada at Shambala and the Burn. More details soon. I hope to see you then!


Our new moon is with Mars and opposite Saturn. It seems as if there is some heavy energy weighing down the normally lighthearted Gemini energy. With Mars there we can feel an activation of our inner masculine almost like an inner child and with Saturn in the direct opposite end of the sky we can feel a confrontation. Let’s have fun with this dance, shall we?


May 25th

New Moon in Gemini

Our new moon is at perigee, which means it is closest to earth that it goes. Astronomers call this a Super Moon! … Sounds cool. Sounds fun. This will in no doubt be more intense if closer to us than usual.

Usual is not a good word for Gemini though. If there were such thing as normal, they wouldn’t want to be that! Gemini is out of the box, out of the ordinary and free spirited. Our new moon seems to be giving us an opportunity to set intentions that help us feel free and have more fun!


New moons are always a good time to set intentions, to set your mind to movement forward. With Gemini, it’s about using the mind to see the dualities and the variations and to eventually move past them. Movement beyond duality and polarity is the way of the Gemini. Associated with the element of Air, which is all about communication, thought and mental perception.

Gemini is the archetype of the trickster, the storyteller, and the eternal youth. As you set your intentions for this new moon: let your intentions set you free! No need for more to do or more pressure through the burden of commitment. It’s time to do nothing! Have fun, play, make jokes and bend or break the rules on purpose!


How will you lighten up during this new moon cycle?



May 26th

Moon Conjunct Mars

Our moon will come in close contact with Mars. During the Mars cycle, what we call the Mars vision quest; our moon crosses by several times during the journey. We call this the labors of Mars, likened to the Labors of Hercules. In this particular story the vision quest Masculine will have his 11th labor or challenge, which will be the final labor before entering the underworld. The underworld will be when the planet Mars comes close enough to the sun that we will not see it for awhile. The ancients called this the underworld as we do now.


The 11th labor of Mars will have to do with the sign of Gemini. Close to our new moon, Mars is only 18 degrees from the Sun. This labor could be the most intense and will be the final gate before heading off to the “sun dance” or “okeepa” ceremony with the sun.


Gemini is about having fun, lightening up and seeing the joke in all things. How will the collective masculine, Mars, see the big cosmic joke?



May 28th

Mars Opposite Saturn

After the recent New moon in Gemini and then the moon crossing Mars in that same sign, Mars, the planet that represents the collective masculine, comes to opposition with the planet of rules and restrictions: Saturn! Saturn teaches us to evolve through limits and boundaries. How will the Masculine within us all handle this confrontation?


This face-to-face confrontation of the planets is in the opposing signs of Sagittarius and Gemini. Mars is be exploring the mysteries of non-duality and freedom in the trickster, eternal youth sign of Gemini, confronted by the rule maker planet Saturn in the sign of the truth seeker, trail blazer sign of Sagittarius. What will be the new truth revealed that the masculine would need to incorporate to move on? Just after the final labor of the Mars journey, it’s as if Saturn is they’re as a teacher or a guide as Mars moves towards the underworld on June 7th. With the recent Saturn Square to the asteroid Chiron, it’s as of these two healer teachers are there to support as initiators to the underworld.


This Mars, Saturn, Chiron T-Square is a bit heavier than the Gemini version of the masculine is used to.

It’s time to take responsibility, like a Native American doing a sun dance. It’s time to see a deeper truth. It’s time to see our masculine in service.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin



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