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May 10th, 2017


Full Moon in Scorpio

Mercury Direct

Sacred Venus Moon Conjunction

(Above art by Jasmin Jefferys)

Deep bow from Bali. I’m here enjoying the lower season of tourists and the most amazing weather! Bali is blissful at this time of year. There is also so much intensity around; I am feeling a bit heavy and tired, deep and inward. The full moon is a thick and juicy one and with Mercury direct and close to Uranus I have to reset my plans and re-establish routines from the past few weeks. A few big oops in my plans and a huge amount of things to do. One thing that is brought up for me is clarity… clarity and perspective. To see clearly what I can do, what I can’t do and what I must do in regards to what I want. My desires and intentions are not always carried out. Usually they are, I am getting pretty good at manifesting J though sometimes the greatest strength is found through surrender… the teachings of Scorpio.

This full moon time the urge is to do what brings you alive! What turns you on? What are you passionate about?


Last night I was at a ceremony where tobacco was used as a plant medicine. Seeing how our perception of what is used and how, contains many judgments. This ceremony had nothing to do with smoking cigarettes or getting a nicotine fix. Tobacco has been a sacrament for a very long time. It teaches us how to communicate with the earth and with spirit.

A fire ceremony was beautiful way to honor the moon and the grandfather and grandmother spirits. To our ancestors we pay gratitude.

How are you honoring the cycles in your life? Ceremony is a great way to participate in the intense energies around us. When we don’t go with the flow, the rushing river of Scorpio energy can whisk us away. In ceremony: we ride out the external forces and bring them inward to integrate them into our life.



May 10th

Full Moon in Scorpio

This is a very important Full Moon. The closest full moon to Beltane is when the ancients would celebrate the New Year. It’s also known as Buddha’s b-day full moon. The full moon brings out the depth and intensity of the sign of Scorpio, the shaman, witch, and sorceress archetype. This is the deepest feeling sign. All the water signs are emotional and function from feelings. Scorpio goes further into those feelings and deeper into the darkness than any other sign. “The deepest darkest night is where you find your brightest light”! So go in deep tonight and this week. The moon urges you to explore your shadows and shine light there. It’s time to go in.

The full moon shines light on the darkest part of the night. What is the full moon illuminating in your life?

The darkness is the other half of the light. The two sides make one whole. As my teacher Star Wolf always says: “The dark, the light, no difference”.



May 15th

Mercury goes into Taurus

Mercury the planet of thought and communication enters the earth sign of Taurus. In this part of its cycle we will be influenced to explore the pure pleasure and enjoyment of thought itself. Taurus is to savor the moments and be present with our mental process. Enjoy.



May 17th

Mercury furthest from the sun

Mercury reaches maximum elongation from the sun. Though this will only be about 26 degrees away from the sun. This is as far as Mercury gets! Usually Mercury is usually in the same sign as the sun. It only can go in one sign in either direction.

This means if you are a Sagittarius, then 2 out f 3 of you will have Mercury in Sag also. And 1 out of 3 of you will have Mercury in either Capricorn or Scorpio. It can’t be anywhere else. Mercury is the planet in your chart that influences your thought, communication and perception.



May 20th

Sun goes into Gemini

The season of Gemini begins. The Mutable or in service to spirit sign of the trickster, eternal youth

archetype: Gemini is the Heyoka coyote. The sun shines light on fun and boundless movement beyond duality.



May 22nd

Venus Moon Conjunction

This is the closest Venus and Moon interaction to the cross quarter. This cycle is the closest to the ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna: One of the oldest tales in written history… Or rather herstory… In this story, Inanna, the queen of heaven goes into the underworld to grieve. She was grieving that the great bull of heaven died. This can be seen as the death of the age of Taurus and the rise of the age of the Ram…

In the story she goes through 7 gates on the way down to the underworld. She dies to who she thinks she is and then is reborn again to whom she really is. She then goes back through the 7 gates and reclaim her crown as the queen of heaven.


The 7 gates are just like the 7 chakras. The 7 gates are the 7 times the moon passes by Venus on her way down towards the sun. She rides on a silver boat (moon) in the story! When Venus is near the sun you can’t see her so the ancients said she was in the underworld.


Every 8 years Venus will be in the same place in the sky. She will have gone through 5 full cycles to reach the main cycle again every 8th year. This very one is that one that the Sumerian’s would celebrate because it is the one closest to the spring equinox. They would celebrate by reenacting the story.


Now, this is the second gate going from top to bottom, which makes this the third eye chakra gate. Now is the time to release any stuck or distorted energy in the way of your visions and intuitions. Remove the obscuration in your view. Release the old habits and patterns in regards to your feminine.


Venus is in the overtone cycle of Aries. The wild warrior woman now releases any blocks in her third eye view.




Mercury retrograde oops: 
So I won’t be going on an extravagant European tour after all. October is out due to a miscommunication. I will still be coming to London and Paris in mid September on my way to Portugal. If you have a lead on a studio or event that would like to have me for a workshop. Please have them contact me.

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