March 11th, 2017

Astro-Insights by Levi Banner


Full Moon in Virgo


Saturn Square Sun


Greetings from Bali! I’ve been back home for over a week now and am finally fully sinking in to home life again. Which means constant movement and expansion! Bali life is always exciting and profound newness comes almost every day. A renewal of who I am takes place again and again. Having just come back from two months of epic travel in Australia and New Zealand, I am now integrating what I’ve learned and continuing to keep the sense of awe that is life here on the island of the gods.


News to report is that I am now working out of a beautiful new office space at the Yoga Barn in Ubud! I am now located in the brand new healing building and am listed as a holistic healer. I have an official residency at the world-renowned yoga studio and retreat center that many of you know me from. You can now book in sessions with me directly through the Yoga Barn.


In addition, now that I am grounded back at home I am now excepting Skype sessions! If you are not on the island yet would like to do a reading, now is the time! Remember also if you have had a reading before and it has been over a year, it’s time for an update!


Email me if you’d like to set up an appointment!



In astro news there is soooo much happening it’s hard to get started! It’s like, which are the most important alignments to bring up? The usual Full moon energy and the ceremonial days of Equinox are almost trumped by the dynamic alignments of the T Square and the annual Saturn Square to the sun! An action packed March everyone!



March 12th

Full Moon in Virgo


Virgo energy is the recognition of the patterning in all things. Virgo is the sign that pays the most attention to details and sees the interconnectedness in all things. The archetype of the priestess, the one dedicated to the sacred work. Virgo is to completely devote oneself to sacred service, to be of service to spirit, to bring spirit into matter to honor it.


The shadow of Virgo is to be knit picky and over analytical, to use the skill of discernment as criticism. It could bring out the not being able to see the forest for the tree effect. Instead, you can notice what’s wrong so you can fix it!


We now take in and honor the patterning in all things. Releasing the stuck and distorted habitual holding patterns that restrict and contract and we move forward in devotion to being a part of the sacred, fully aligned with nature, specialness in all of life.


What are you devoted to? What is sacred to you? This full moon is the time to bring fully into light what it is that you find sacred and special and devote your time in an intricate way to it.



March 17th

Saturn Square the Sun


Once a year the sun reaches what astronomers call a “quadrature” with the planet Saturn. The alignment makes a right angle or a 90-degree square angle. The dynamic effect of this brings structure and form, which is the energy of Saturn, to the expression of one’s personality, which is the energy of the sun. If you have a birthday within a week’s time, this is especially active for you. If you have Saturn in Sagittarius, you are somewhere near your Saturn return. You must be near the ages of 28-30 or 57-59…. You are on the front lines of what this effect has in store for us all.


Saturn is located right now at the tip of the arrow of the archer constellation, which points directly at galactic center. Which is where the center of our milky way galaxy meets the center of the path of the ecliptic, which is the path of the planets. The path of the planets crossed with the center of the galaxy makes what we call galactic cross.

Saturn is only located at galactic cross every 29 ½ years! (a mark of our times). This is what I mean: If you are being activated through your personal birth chart by this alignment, if you have any personal planets or angles in Pisces or Sagittarius, you are a harbinger of the new teachings!


How do we release rigid and stuck ideas and get more open to expansion of consciousness? What is real and not just some fluffy dreamy idea? How do we ground our dreams into reality?


These are the dynamics of the Sun in Pisces Square to Saturn in Sagittarius. Please be aware of the power of this annual alignment at this moment in history.


March 20th


Equi=Equal, Nox= Night

During the equinox we have equal nights and days. It happens very quickly as this is the center of the sun’s cycle and it is moving fast. The Sun crosses directly and exactly over the equator bringing equal nights and days to both hemispheres of the planet! Solstice is the two ends of the sun’s cycle, north and south. Equinox is the bi-annual pass over the exact middle point. The sun rises and sets exactly on the equator.

Aries and Libra, self and other, dark and light. The equinox is an opportune time to have a ceremony surrounding newness and what’s on the other side of your next step. Honor where you’ve been and clearly set your intentions for what’s ahead. In many cultures Equinox was the time of the New Year or it was the mark for the closest new moon to be the New Year. Equinox is a renewal of light (day) or a renewal of dark (night), when days begin to get shorter or longer depending on which hemisphere you’re in. I encourage you to honor this point in out year in your own way.



Notes on Venus:

On March 4th Venus went retrograde. In shamanic astrology this marks not the weak point in her cycle like some astrologers believe, instead we see her greatest strength. She is fully complete with her last initiatory cycle and now moves forward to a metamorphosis to her next phase or cycle. She has completed her last 19-month overtone cycle of Leo and is preparing for the next 19-month cycle of the overtone of Aries.


Now is the time to take into account all that you have learned about self-love and leadership. The Leo goddess now stands fully in her power.

March 25th she will be close to the sun. In shamanic astrology we see this the way the ancients did, that Venus enters the underworld. We will not be able to see her for at least a week… Usually… This is actually a rare and special Venus cycle! Where she is over 8 degrees from the Sun! This is as far as she gets and makes her as bright as we can possibly see her! Another reason we see her as being her greatest strength right now.


March 31st Venus will Rise from the underworld and begin her next initiatory journey. Now expanding and becoming the new version of the Aries goddess. The archetype of the wild warrior woman!!! Aroooo!


April 19th Venus will go direct. Full speed ahead for the spontaneous actional wild warrior woman. Aries Arise!


What will the wild feminine stand up for? What is the noble cause worth fighting for?


If you are near a multiple of 8 (24,32,40,48,56) then you may be in your Venus return and this particularly activating for you!


Here is a few articles and videos created by my teachers to tune you into the mission of the Aries arising wild warrior woman goddess:
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